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Densities and Dimensions

There are many ways to view reality, to view existence, and to view all of the densities and dimensions. No way of viewing them is better than the other. It is all about choosing the perspective of The Great Mystery that works for best you; allowing you a greatest feeling of joy and peace; propelling you higher and higher into vibrations of unconditional love.

Densities and dimensions are just vibrational characteristics of spirit that were created for The Infinite Creator to know itself more as many different experiences; having fun with the experience of itself as many different experiences. There is first density, second density, third density, fourth density, fifth density, sixth density, etc.

First density being are beings of light; beings of spiraling energy such as water, fire, air and earth. In order for a spiritual being to move focus from first density into the second density, the spiritual being must become aware of itself in a way that focuses its consciousness in a way in which it experiences growth instead of just random change.

In order for a spiritual being to shift focus from second density into the third density, the spiritual being must become aware of itself as an identity; embracing the concepts of self-consciousness or self-awareness. Plants and animals are second density beings, who, will one day, realize themselves as self-awareness/consciousness or as an identity.

Once a second density being becomes more aware of itself as an identity, it is then ready to move into seeing itself as a third density being. In order for a spiritual being to shift focus from third density into the fourth density, the spiritual being must practice the vibration of unconditional love for the self and/or other-selves; practicing love for The Infinite Creator.

Once a fourth density being becomes more aware of itself as a being of self-aware, love and light, the being then can begin striving towards the fifth density. In order for a spiritual being to shift focus from fourth density into the fifth density, the spiritual being must learn a certain wisdom; gained through the process of much deep spiritual integration.

Third density is, in a sense, the density where much more work and spiritual catalyst are required to shift a being's focus from the third, into the higher vibrations of the fourth, fifth, sixth, and higher densities of love and light. Third density is the density of much integration while The fourth and fifth densities are about more integration and sharing.

Spiritual beings do not actually ascend into higher vibrational dimensions of consciousness. Spiritual beings just become more aware of themselves as the dimension of consciousness that they previously thought they existed in (i.e., shifting their focus.) This awareness of the self as the world, and as the dimension it is experiencing is a form of ascension.

One's higher self is the soul (i..e, the spiritual entity) that is at mid-sixth density. One's higher self acts as a guide to its past-selves. However, your higher self can not force you to take its guidance. You higher self will never force you to listen to it. You have access to the guidance of your higher self but you have to actually willingly take and listen to the guidance.

As a multi-dimensional spiritual being, you are creating the illusion and experience of being many different dimensions at different times so that you could experience the process of growth and discovery; the idea and process of forgetting who you are to remember who you are from a different point of view.

Humans are able to access any dimension of their multi-dimensional consciousness. Tapping into the higher aspects of the self that exist as the fifth dimensional and higher aspects of one's consciousness can allow one the expression of a certain amount of love and wisdom that can flow from and through one's sacred heart.

When you identify your focus with any vibration, you can only experience and perceive life through that vibration. Identifying solely with the third dimensionality of your body can create immense fear. It is an unnatural identification of being a body and the total creator being that you truly are; creating immense fear founded upon the perception of separation.

Your higher dimensional bodies, such as your fifth dimensional body, is not of the same time of physicality or mass that your other levels or dimensional levels of consciousness are. The fifth dimension is the first "heavenly" dimension; it is the first dimension of your consciousness that acts outside of vibrational rules of space and time (i.e., the third and fourth dimensions.)

Once again, the fifth dimension can be seen as the "entering" dimension of the "baseline" heaven vibration. The fifth dimension can be seen as the more natural state of a spiritual being. It is almost as if, you are a greater being in which 99% of your greater being exist as dimensions of the fifth dimension and higher.

You, as the physical third-dimensional personality ego structure, can be seen as amounting for maybe one percent of your total being. You are a big deal. You are a really big deal; and so is everyone else in your world. You, and all of your other-selves, have the ability to do anything and more than you can imagine. You are one with The Infinite Creator.

The fifth dimensional aspect of your consciousness is the aspect of your consciousness that is not bound by space and time. The fifth dimensional and higher level aspect of your consciousness transcends space and time because they all create space and time. The higher dimensions that you exist as are free of spatial and time-oriented restrictions.

The physicality of the fifth dimensional world(s) is quite different, and much more fluid. The fifth dimensional worlds are physical but not inn the way you understand it. There is forms, objects and shapes in the fifth dimensional world(s) but the forms, objects and shapes are more ephemeral in nature; being of a completely different substance.

In this life that you have now, you are experiencing the idea of going from third density into the fourth density. However, you can always call onto the fifth dimensional (and higher) aspects of your consciousness for guidance. Eventually, you will become, whether it is in this lifetime or another lifetime, your fifth dimensional self.

When a being such as a human beings reaches the vibration of around three hundred and thirty thousand (330,000) vibratory cycles per second, immediately a human being will sort of pop into the fifth dimension; becoming aware of themselves as a non-physical inter-dimensional spiritual being.

Certain mantras, certain foods, certain environments, certain tools such as pendulums, etc. all act as ways to convince the physical mind to let go of that which is naturally holding it away from its natural vibration of the fifth dimensional and higher aspects of its own being. Nothing is ever held away from the physical mind besides that which it does not believe in.

Due to the nature of consciousness, shifts higher up in consciousness can create immense challenge. Sometimes, it is as if every step up in vibration can seem like the worst step you would ever want to take. When you realize that every challenge comes with the reward of more freedom, joy, and peace, you will embrace all challenges as they come.

The naturally occurring challenges that one may face when entering the fifth dimension is the dissolving of their third dimensional goals to be someone they are not; attempting to prove success and worth through actions that are out of alignment with their joy and peace. One can feel a strong send of depression when entering the fifth dimension.

Dimension, when defined positively, is just compression.The compression that one can feel when ascending is simply the realization that one has become exhausted of being somone they aren't. So instead of looking "externally" for answers, they look within. This is the positive way of looking at depression (i.e., compression).

The compression is as if you become sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is as if you are tired of being someone you never truly wanted to be; which is the most tiring thing you can do. It is as if you become tired of being someone that your father, mother, teachers, brother, sisters, etc. all wanted you to be.

Moving up higher into the higher dimensions of your consciousness requires a perspective of unconditional love; it is all about loving who and what you prefer to be, and not who you think you have to be to prove yourself to other beings within the universe. Moving up higher into your true self is doing just that, being your true self.

As you shift higher up in vibration, your problems go away because you do not define your problems as problems; you define them as exciting spiritual growth opportunities that provide you an opportunity up the ladder of creativity, excitement, joy, peace, passion, etc. You no longer see a problem within you or within your world.

... more coming soon (still writing)

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