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Session Five:

True understanding, if you were to have any, always comes as one thing; a manifestation of joy and peace. True success and true understanding of life is alignment with the true nature of your spirit (i.e., the state of being of joy and peace.) You will never find joy and peace where there is a lack of understanding. You will never find understanding where there is a lack of joy and peace.

Joy, peace and understanding are all one thing. Joy and peace should not be temporary or happening in spurts. Like the symbol of gold, your joy and peace should never break down; representing eternity and infinity. Like the symbol of gold, joy and peace should be seen as one of the highest values for any physical being; it is joy and peace that are worthy of your focus.

If you think you have an understanding of life, but you are not experiencing constant joy and peace, you may very well be fooling yourself. All thinking and reasoning is useless if it is not bringing a deep feeling of comfort, contentment, calm and peace. Most, if not all actions, that are not representative of your highest joy, are irrelevant to your being.

Your level of success is not measured by what you have acquired. You are already successful in the eyes of your Source. All you have to do is align with the vibration of your success; aligning with the vibration of joy and peace by shifting the focus of your thoughts to those which are of that vibration. Do not think in a sloppy manner, for that creates a fearful focus.

You, if you are fearful, do not have a true understanding of life. For the energy that sustains all of life is not of fear. The energy that sustains all of life is that of love, creativity, joy, passion, peace, etc. It is by the very nature of the third-dimensional and fourth-dimensional world(s) that create for yourselves that you do not have understanding.

Could you imagine a world of no pressure to be or do anything that did not truly bring you joy? Could you imagine a world of smiles from one brother to another. Could imagine the immense support from one sister to another? This will be, and would be, your world if all had a true understanding of life; if all were aligned with the vibration of joy and peace.

The mind, as said before, is a non-physical aspect of your being. You are an expression of the mind and it is you as an apparatus of the mind that is evolving. The mind is not evolving. You as a physical mind, will never know much of anything. However, you, as an expression of the mind, can align with the vibration of the mind's guidance.

When you are aligned with the true vibration of your spiritual mind, you are in an immense state of ecstasy and peace. In this vibrational state of being, you always know what you need to know when you need to know it. You will know what you need to only when you need to; not a second sooner than you need to and not a second later than you need to.

You, as the physical mind, will never have true understanding, but the alignment with the mind that is the greater part of you will always bring you the needed understanding that you need in the moment. As the whole being, a being of love, light, joy, and peace, you have immense understanding. As just the physical mind, you have nothing but illogical thoughts.

You can always tell illogical thoughts from logical ones. Illogical thoughts breed fear and logical thoughts are one's of unconditional love. Seek not your own understanding of life, but only seek the vibration of joy and peace. It is the vibration of joy and peace that is the understanding that you seek. Let go of anything that does not truly bring you eternal joy and peace.

Becareful with the things that seem to bring you joy and peace, but in the end, only bring you misery. True joy and true peace do not change; they are only at a constant state of more and more joy and peace. The lowest vibrational state of being, should be that of joy and peace. Nothing else in the universe(s) is more important than joy and peace. Nothing.

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