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Session Four:

Spiritual sight sees no error. Spiritual sight sees no guilt. Spiritual sight only sees the good and positive within All-That-Is. How interested are you in seeing error in yourself and other-selves? How interested are you in feeling guilty? How much interest do you find in projecting thoughts of guilt upon another in an attempts to control another?

Guilt is the very denial of your existence. Guilt is a claim of your being unworthy. You could never be unworthy. You are an aspect of Creator. When you claim yourself as unworthy, you claim The Infinite Creator guilty and all of its creations as guilty; for anything you put upon yourself you are putting upon The Infinite Creator and the entirety of Creation.

Guilt is fear's greatest weapon for attack upon the self and upon other-selves. Guilt is one of fear's ways of attempting to kill the true love; unconditional love (i.e., intelligent energy). There is absolutely no value in feeling guilty about anything or anyone. There is absolutely no value in making anything or anyone else feel guilty.

When you are feeling guilty, you are being reminded by creation that you have a belief that is very much out of alignment with your true natural self, and out of alignment with the way The Infinite Creator thinks of you. The Infinite Creator never sees any wrong in you or any wrong in your brother and/or sister.

All negative feelings act as a communication to the self from the selves higher aspects of its being that it is thinking thoughts that are not aligned with the true self. Your true self is that of unconditional love. Unconditional love can not see error. True spiritual sight is seeing yourself, and the world, through the eyes of unconditional love; through the eyes of your source.

It is always through forgiveness that all "karma" is turned into only joyful and peaceful manifestations. It is through guilt that all "karma" is turned into experiences that are of the vibration of pain and suffering; the vibration of resistance to the true and natural self. When you choose guilt, you are choosing to resist the true beautiful nature and worth of your being.

Whenever you choose to resist the true nature of your being, you will always feel bad. You will never feel good when you are resistant your natural self. Joy and peace are the feel good feelings. Fear, anger, doubt, guilt, worry, etc. are all emotions signifying a level of resistance within the being feeling these emotions.

Resistance always manifest in life as first the emotions of fear, anger, doubt, guilt, etc. Then, if the resistance is not transmuted into the natural vibrations of joy and peace, the resistance plays out as the manifestation of negative life circumstances. However, all life circumstances, regardless of how negative, can be interpreted in a way that always benefits the individual.

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