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Session Three:

What is the meaning behind life circumstances? Do you think that every circumstance in your life has built in meaning? If you do, do you not realize that you are giving it the meaning. Depending upon how you define things in your reality (i.e., depending upon how you focus,) you experience things in your world as blessings, challenges or problems.

There is no meaning built into life circumstances. Although you are creating what you are seeing in your life, none of it has to be, in anyway shape or form, negative. In fact, all of which happens in your life is for the purpose of showing you what you need so that you can "move up" to the "next level" of your spiritual growth.

Life is a vibrational manifestation of symbols that most accurately represent your current state of being; life is a manifestation of your current accumulated vibrational "out"put. However, all circumstances can be gazed at with ease and light-heartedness. This can be so if you truly know that nothing in your life means anything. You give it the meaning.

Look around and begin to realize, the chair means nothing, the wall means nothing, the sky means nothing, the sun means nothing, the car means nothing, the thoughts you think about your car mean nothing, the thoughts you think period mean nothing, nothing ever means anything besides what you say it means.

Depending upon how you define certain symbols in your reality, is what will have an effect upon you state of being. Depending upon your state of being, is what attracts certain circumstances in your life. If you begin to, right now, neutralize the meaning of all circumstances in your life, you will easily uplift your frequency.

No matter what happens in your life, no matter what someone's intentions for you may be, you can always extract a positive effect out of everything that happens; for life is not happening to you, but life is happening through you. All things are in your life because you have focused upon a vibration that "attracts" them into your life.

Life is based upon how you perceive it. Joy does not come from what is happening in life but how you deal with what is happening in life. Spiritual growth is the process of being able to maintain your joy, your peace and your preferred attitude regardless of the challenges you are creating for yourself by way of your focus.

One who can innerstand that life has no built-in meaning, one who can attach their own meaning to what is happening in life, is one who can be in joy and peace. You could be in any situation and see it in a positive light. If you hold the focus that whatever happens in your life must be for a positive reason, you can truly see life in a different light, from a different angle.

Please do know, that everything that does happen in your life is not happening for a negative reason or a positive reason. Everything just is. Therefore, you have to choose why it is happening by giving it the meaning that you prefer. Even so as long as you do not give it a negative meaning, since positivity is natural, it will then be for a positive meaning.

You do not need to know, and neither do you truly know, why something is happening in your life. This knowing is handled by the higher vibrational aspect of your spiritual mind. Your higher mind knows why something is manifesting and knows how to manifest more joy and peace in your life if you will just be your natural, joyful, and peaceful self.

If you are one to be of fear, to think that if something happens a certain way then something is going wrong, then you must be attaching a negative and fearful meaning upon that situation. When you indulge in fear, you will never truly realize the control you have. You are controlling all of it because you are all of it. You are one with everything.

Let us take the process of detoxification as an example. You will find many who perform a quote on quote detoxification of the body and swear up and down their pains during the process are from detoxification. However, when they return to their ‘non-detoxification’ diet, the pains they feel at any given moment from the foods the may choose to ingest are questioned severely.

These individuals may question themselves, their actions so much that fear of acting in a wrong manner begins to create doubt, guilt, lack of self-worth, and the result is that they experience more pain than they ever did from the food that previously didn’t cause as much pain. With them attaching more and more negative meaning, they run away from that which is harmless.

You are not vulnerable. In fact, it is your belief in vulnerability that attracts so much pain and suffering into your life. Nothing can harm you if you know nothing can harm you. Not even death is a threat to your being because you are an infinite and an eternal being. The only thing that ever harms you is your thought in relationship to yourself and your world(s).

Almost everything, if not all things, are controlled by your belief about it. Mantras are controlled by your belief about it. The food you eat is controlled by your belief about it. The sounds you hear affect you by your belief about it. Everything is controlled by your conscious or so-called subconscious beliefs about you in relationship to you and your world(s).

Although you never truly attract or perceive a reality that you are not the vibration of, the quickest way to alter the reality or the way you feel about it is to think about it differently. To attach a meaning that allows you to appreciate the situation as it is in the present moment. Never concerning yourself with the past or the future, the present moment is just that, your present, your gift.

Higher vibrational and higher dimensional living is quite different, quite more enjoyable and quite lighter than some of your current way of living. Many of you would find it much more joyful to live a life of pure spontaneity; a life of being purely spontaneous, living upon vibration impulses of creativity, excitement joy, passion, etc. received from your higher mind.

Higher dimensional living is completely spontaneous, we do not plan but neither do we act on our fears; we only act on that which is an expression of our joy and peace. Unexpected events do happen but we know these are just challenges for the spiritual growth of each participating entity.

There is no need for us to plan because we know that God has the plan. The Infinite Creator has gifted you with The Holy Spirit. When you are of the vibration of unconditional love, joy and peace, you are aligned with The Holy Spirit, and therefore, you are then aligned with God's Plan.

You can not plan. It is quite clear that your world does not know how to plan. As a physical mind, you don't have that capacity. As a physical mind, you only have the ability to follow vibrational impulses and then observe your experiences; collecting a number of experiences that allow for the purpose of spiritual growth towards higher and higher vibrations of unconditional love.

Although they may have somewhat of a impairment when it comes to the experience of consequences that certain actions may generate, your children are much more inspirited than you are. You are only here to show them the world they live in, however, they are here to show you the true formula of living; living your joy with a mind anchored right here and right now.

Many of you might also find it quite less stressful and much more joyful to live a life with a so-called limitation of forethought; caring less about the future and more about right here and now. For many of you, it is your planning of the future which creates anxiety, doubt, worry, etc. Being more present is actually enjoying the gift of the present a whole lot more.

Your society has trained you, an even ridiculed those mind's in your society, who operate at higher vibrations. Much of your planning is due to a lack of knowing that you create your reality via The Way of Focus. Much of your planning is due to a strong belief in your ability to manifest pain and suffering; you plan to ensure you don't run into the natural challenges of your spiritual evolution.

You can not run away from that which is natural. Challenges are natural. You can only redefine how you think pertaining to the challenges that you experience. Surely, playing a video game on "normal" or "hard" provides a different level of satisfaction for many. Your earth is like a spiritual virtual reality game that is on "very hard".

You have chosen this life because you knew, as the higher vibrational spiritual being that you truly are, that you could just attach your own meaning to life; creating your own world to live in for yourself. Your life can change into heaven right now, even if you have yet to manifest all of your "dream" manifestations. All you have to do is give your life a new meaning.

Even the dis-eases that many of you acquire can be seen from a positive point of view. They are actually lessons and catalyst that push you towards remember more of who you truly are. They are not problems, they are blessings. They are communications from spirit; signalling to you that it is time for you to change something and that you are now ready to change!

There is absolutely nothing in your life that can not be looked at in a purely positive way. If you are seeing anything in a negative way, if you are feeling negative emotion for longer than ten to fifteen seconds, it is because you have a negative belief that you are using as a focus. Nothing else can create negativity within you besides a negative belief.

Negative beliefs love to alter the meaning of life; convincing you that life is a struggle. Your higher mind, your true self, knows that life is incredibly easy because you are the Creator and definer of your life. Your negative beliefs are very much personalities of their own; they have a mind of their own. Negative beliefs are negative thoughts that kept thinking for themselves.

Every thought that has ever been thought is, and always will be, right here, and right now. There is nowhere else for anything to go but right here and right now. For there is only one place (i.e., here) and one moment (i.e., now.) It is all about what version of here and now are you focused upon. All thoughts are here and now.

All beliefs are just thoughts that you keep thinking. You are a thought. You are a thought of The Infinite Creator that kept thinking for itself. All of your thoughts are a focus. Whether you create or receive a positive or negative thought, each thought will focus in a way that seemingly attracts more of a similar vibration to it.

Negative beliefs are negative thoughts that have grown stronger in their vibration of negativity. As with all beliefs, positive or negative, negative beliefs attempt to present themselves as the only possible focus. If beliefs did not self-reinforce their way of focusing, it wouldn't be easy to focus upon a specific vibration to experience it. One would be all over the place, per say.

Negative beliefs want you to see life through their focus point. Therefore, they attempt to convince you to think negatively about the meaning of all circumstances in your life, especially the positive ones. When you are in a negative state of being, one that is not of joy and peace, you can only see through the negative belief's focus.

Regardless of how blessed someone may actually be, if they believe in some degree of negativity, they will always see some degree of negativity in their life. The meaning that you give ot life circumstances is deeply founded upon what you believe about yourself, your other-selves and your world.

Due to a belief's nature to create a certain meaning of a certain circumstance in life, positive beliefs create joy, and peace. Negative beliefs create fear, pain and suffering. All physical pain follows after a negative belief and a negative state of being. You can not experience the meaning of life that you are not first the vibration of.

As you look upon your brother and your sister, what do you see in them? Generally, what you negatively judge about them, is some negativity that exist within you. Everything about your brother and sister means nothing. There is nothing they are, and there is nothing they are doing to themselves or to you that means anything. You define the meaning.

You see your brother and sister as beautiful or ugly depending on your own way of focusing. You see your brother and sister as guiltless or guilty of wrong doing depending on your own way of focusing. What you put on your brother and/or sister is what you are putting on yourself. You can not focus a certain way without being the focus.

Spirituality is not about what does or does not happen. Spirituality is about how you respond to what happens. Spirituality is about your willingness to maintain the vibration of joy and peace. Spirituality isn't about being able to manifest this and this. Spirituality is about holding a higher and higher vision for life while you also deal with life as it is right here and right now.

The way you respond to what happens in your life comes directly from you think about yourself and other-selves. As you come into the belief that life has no built in meaning, that everything is neutral and void of meaning, that all things in life are neutral props, your beliefs will align with automatic joy and peace.

Whenever one reacts in a way that is negative, one must be operating from negative beliefs, negative intentions, and negative assumptions about themselves in relation to what is going on within and "around" them. Understanding that life is meaningless automatically removes negative assumptions.

You are living in a version of creation that is created by your focus. There is no meaning to anything in your life. Nothing has meaning. Everything you can see, smell, taste, touch and hear are all meaningless. You attach the meaning to everything and every circumstances. Life is up to you and your interpretation.

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