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Session Two:

Spirituality is not about what does or does not happen. Spirituality is about how you respond to what does and is happening in your life. Spirituality isn't about being able to manifest tons of Gold & Silver, it is about being of the spirit. Being of the Spirit is being of appreciation, joy and peace, regardless of the circumstances.

As a spiritual being, before you focus yourself into this life, you create and choose a theme in which you will experience that which will challenge your ability to be of the vibration of spirit. Earth is like a master class for spiritual development; allowing the spirit to experience great challenge again and again until the illusionary game of separation is no longer embraced.

Many of the spiritual communities in certain societies today are always focused upon the subject of manifestation. Manifestation is a natural result of the mind and need not a focus. For if one's physical mind is aligned with spirit's mind of unconditional love, all that is manifested already will be seen as nothing but beautiful, and all that is to come will be nothing but that of peaceful joy.

If one's physical mind is aligned with that of fear-based thoughts, all that will be seen is separation; a world of pain and suffering. For it is the negative thoughts, which are a illusionary polarization of the true mind of God, that convince the physical mind of it's doom; entrapping the soul in a looping of Karma until the soul remembers true love and forgiveness.

It is always the forgiveness of the self and the forgiveness of the other-self that acts as the vibration of karmic relief. Karma is self-imposed. Karma simply means to comeback. All that which is negative in experiences is that which comes back to the self for attempting to provide the self with lessons of love, forgiveness and oneness. Forgiveness dissolves all "karma".

Forgiveness is that which removes all consequences for thoughts, feelings and actions of negativity. The level of forgiveness that one is able to project unto the world is the level of appreciation, joy and peace that the self will experience. For it is the releasing of guilt, and the denial of guilt in your other-selves that will create a heavenly experience (i.e., a mind of joy and peace) for the self.

Guilt is the very denial of your existence as an aspect of The Infinite Creator. Whenever you feel guilt, you are claiming a lack of self-worth, a wrongness, and a separative attitude towards the self. Anything you claim upon yourself and another is a claim upon God. If you choose guilt, you are calling claiming that all of creation, The Infinite Creator, is a guilty beingness.

You are always deserving of freedom, joy and peace. You are never guilty. You are never subject to wrongdoing unless you choose to separate yourself from the vibration of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is whole, and therefore, will never see any so-called wrong doing. For it is in vibration of unconditional love that all that is seen is the best of that which is contained within creation.

Guilt is fear's greatest weapon for attack upon the self and upon other-selves. Guilt is one of fear's ways of attempting to kill the true love. Love can not be killed. Fear can not be killed. For all that was ever created will always be. The only thing that ever changes within creation is your focus of creation. When you focus upon love or fear, that is what you experience.

Blame upon the self or upon an other-self is an attempt to project self-guilt on another. All guilt that is felt is your guilt and no one else's. As a creator by focus, when you focus through the eyes of guilt, you see a world symbolized in a way that represents guilt; a world of pain and suffering. You are never, and will never be, forced to feel guilty by The Infinite Creator.

Fear is the evil ("d-evil"). Have you not heard that the d-evil is a liar? When you listen to the controlling, demanding and seducing voice of fear, you can be assured that you are not feeling the true vibration of Spirit. If your mind is properly activating the true Spirit of The Infinite Creator, you will feel freedom, joy and peace, not fear.

Victimization is the greatest way fear has of turning one's power against self. When you claim to be a victim of the world that you are creating for yourself, you give all of your power over to that which you say is oppressing you; indulging in the vibration of that which you fear. Nothing can oppress you, for your spirit is always able to lift you from anything that is negative in nature.

In all life circumstance, fear desires you to imagine the worst possible outcome so you can seem sensible; keeping your vibration low and weak. Fear masks unconditional love as dangerously silly, unrealistic and fantasy. Fear creates negative circumstances through negative synchronicity to amplify its power over you by getting you to believe in the fear.

Unlike The Holy Spirit, fear prevents you from perceive circumstances on a joyful and peaceful way; motivating you towards creating a perception of struggle. Fear's greatest trick is to convince you that it doesn't exist so that your move along in your, never attempting to discover that it does exist within you; misleading you to the path of spiritual bondage.

The fearful thoughts that you hold are the illogical mind called the negative-ego; you created this negative-ego and only you can liberate yourself from it. Like any thought, fearful thoughts are infinite in nature, and they become entities onto themselves, able to to think for themselves in which they manifest ways to convince you, their Creator, that they are the only reality.

The moment you begin your step towards a true spiritual journey of freedom, joy, peace and spiritual growth, fear reacts violently within you to create disturbing feelings of anxiety, doubt, guilt, etc. so that you never leave fear alone to never have control over you again. For you see, since fear is nothing more than your creation, it has no power over you without your belief in and of it.

The power you hold, which is the power to create and does create universe(s), is so freely powerful that you can choose to create self-bondage. You, by the nature of the vibrational thoughts that you choose to focus upon, create a resonance vibrational field within your reality that ripples out so to speak; "attracting" things to you that are of like vibration.

Your life is your creation and this is because your life is governed by the vibrational resonance of your thoughts. Your thoughts are created by you, yet, you are also receiving them at the same time. As a creator, as consciousness within the overall one consciousness of The Infinite Creator, you are able to create thought and receive thought.

All thoughts that have ever been thought never go away. All thoughts exist right here and right now. Each thought that you think has is a vibration. By the powerful Way of Attraction (i.e., synchronicity), all vibrations that are likened unto themselves are drawn. Therefore, when you have a thought of a specific vibration, you receive other thoughts of that vibration.

You are always simultaneously creating a thought and receiving a thought; this is what the nature of thinking really is. It is by your thoughts that your state of being is created. It is then by your state of being that more thoughts of like nature in vibration are drawn into your focus. You then also have your feelings and your actions that intensify your state of being.

The thoughts that you think, regarding the circumstances, people and things that you prefer to have in life experience, set into motion the creation (i.e., vibrational perceiving), and eventual fulfillment, of that which you prefer to experience in your life. However, this also works in the quote on quote opposite way.

The thoughts that you think, regarding the circumstances, people and things that you do not prefer to have in life experience, set into motion the creation (i.e., vibrational perceiving), and eventual fulfillment, of that which you do not prefer to experience in your life. This is why it is very important that one becomes mindful of the thoughts they think.

The Way of Focus (i.e., The Way of Attraction) is also known to some as the Law of Attraction. We call it the way of attraction because the only true law is The Law of One. However, regardless of the used vocabulary, it is something we think worth interest for the purpose of examining the process of how your thoughts create circumstances in your life

The Way of Attraction is one way to look at how you create. However, everything that will ever exist and already exist right here and now. You never actually do attract anything; you are a consciousness in which you think specific thoughts, and automatically your awareness of vibration shifts to the vibration of the thoughts you are focused upon.

We find it very important to realize that everything is here, and to realize that everything that has ever happened is happening right now. All things that are here only seem to be somewhere else because they operate on a different frequency. All past, present and future moments are the same moment but from a different vibrational point of view.

Regardless of if your thoughts are of the vibrational frequency of that which you prefer (i.e., that which brings you joy and that which excites you), or of the vibrational frequency of that which you do not prefer (i.e., that which seemling brings about pain and suffering), each and every one of your thoughts have the power of The Infinite Creator.

The thoughts you are thinking now, are shifting you through many billions of parallel realities per second. This shifting of your thoughts acts as the shifting of consciousness focus through and to many parallel realities; creating the illusion of time and continuity. History of is not linear; the focus you hold right now, is creating your past, present and future.

Your life is an accumulation of your thoughts, feelings and actions; an accumulation of your beliefs and intentions. You are creating a and sharing a dream reality with your other-selves. However, the history of your life isn't fixed. Every time you become a different vibration, you create a new past, present and future.

Your memory of your life experiences is not a fixed thing. Whatever you remember is what you are synchronized with depending upon your state of being. In order to recall any memory, you must first be in the vibrational state of that memory. Whenever you change your past, by changing your state of being, you may not even know that it has changed.

Every thought that you create is a focus. Every thought that you receive is because of how you have been focusing. Each of these thoughts, whether created or received, are powerful. Each thought thinks and creates more of itself. Every thought you focus upon will physically manifest if it gains enough momentum.

All thought that you create and receive are not equal in their ability to create, or in their ability to come about in a specific speed of physical manifestation. The thoughts that you set forth and hold your focus upon, in combination with intense feeling, are more powerful than others.

Taking action on thoughts with high feeling and/or emotional intensity is the most powerful way of manifestation. This Way of Focus (i.e., The Way of Attraction) and creation is how you create your world. This Way of Creation applies to all thoughts, feelings and actions; whether they are based in love or fear.

If you take actions from feelings that are based in what you love, you will manifest more symbols in your reality that represent that state of being. If you take actions from feelings that are based in what you fear, you will manifest more symbols in your reality that represent that state of being. It is really this simple.

Your world is nothing more than a certain kind of dream. You are within the spirit and mind of The Infinite Creator; because you are one with The Infinite Creator. You are a thought that the Creator once thought. As a thought of the Creator, you are now Creating as the Creator, even if you do not understand that you are creating your own version of the universe.

Your physical body is a physical vehicle for exploration, experience, and learning that which pulls your spirit/mind/body complex closer to the vibration of joy and peace. It is also there as a playground for you to master your creative abilities in which you are using to create universes. You are creating your own version of the universe(s).

Once again, you are creating your own version of the universe, while everyone and everything else in your reality is creating its own version of the universe. The people, places, and things in your life are painted with your consciousness. You are painting your picture of your other-selves by by picking up on vibrational cues that they are offering.

Once again, this is very important,  you are creating your own version of everyone in your reality and they are creating their own version of you in theirs; they are painting you and you are painting them.

If as a consciousness you decide not to be in someone’s version of reality, you will, in their reality, seemingly disappear or end up dying in some way. However, in your reality, they may seem to be the one that has disappeared or died in some way. Regardless, you never lose them, for they are an aspect of you and you are an aspect of them. All Is One.

Your motto, as a creator via the vibration of thought, can be the following: I Am The Lord, Thy God and Creator of This Universe. This is a very true statement. There is nothing fictional about this. This is actually an understatement to your actual beingness. For who you are, your physical mind can not even conceive of. However, your higher-mind knows who you are.

You have two/three aspects within and of your mind that all have the power of the Creator. One aspect that acts as two aspect is your higher-mind. Your higher-mind is the mind closest to the vibration of your spirit (i.e., the vibration of unconditional love) and it is also the aspect mind which is of the vibration of neutrality.

The other aspect or expression of your mind that acts as the third aspect of your mind is your physical-mind (i.e., the ego). The ego is the mind that you have created as a focuser within physical reality to play the physical reality game. The ego can become the negative fear-based ego and then this acts as a miscreation of your true mind.

Regardless of how illusionary your negative ego maybe, it is an aspect of your mind that has the power of The Infinite Creator. until you transmute all of your miscreations (i.e., transmute your negative fear-based beliefs), your negative ego will always have the power to create negative circumstances in your life by way of negative synchronicity.

So there, you have three aspects of your mind. Love, fear and neutrality. Each of these minds are creating the world that you are experiencing. Depending on which mind you use to focus, depending on which mind you take advice on what to act on, creates the vibration of that mind into your physical world experience.

Your mind is non-physical and it exists as a non-physical dimension in a non-physical dimension. Your brain, your heart, and the rest of your body, merely just receive thoughts from your mind. Your body is an interpretation device of and for your mind. You total being is a complex of mind, body and spirit; this total beingness is what you call your soul.

Your higher-mind, the aspect of your consciousness that made the decision to focus itself into physicality in which it created what you call your physical birth. This higher-mind part of you is what we may also refer to as your “higher-self” or “inner-being”. We use these words but there are no accurate physical words that we can use to describe this part of you.

Your higher-mind is always communicating with you. Your higher-mind allows you the free-will to create whatever you choose to with your thoughts. Even if that means you create and fee the vibrational energies of your fear (i.e., your lower-mind). You are so free to think, and create with your thought, that you are allowed to think yourself into bondage.

Your higher-mind is broader, wiser, and much older than you. Your higher-mind is an aspect of your greater spirit. Your spirit is your greater personality. Much like when you awaken from a dream and say “oh, this is the real me and the real life”, your spirit will one day awaken from this physical dream and say the in relationship to this life.

Your spirit is one with the spirit of the Creator (i.e., the holy spirit). Your soul is the composite of all of your being. Your mind is a tool of awareness that you use to think and create. Your body is a learning tool that your creates as a point of reference for learning. You will have, and do have, a body now and after this physical focus that you call a physical life.

The higher-mind of your spirit it is an aspect of you that transcends all phenomena including physical birth and physical death. The higher-mind of your spirit is keenly aware of all experiences that it is participating in; both physical and non-physical. The higher-mind of your spirit, as we have said before, is always with you.

Whenever you think a thought, and you feel love, abundance, eagerness, excitement, joy, oneness, passion, peace, well-being, etc. you are literally being told by the higher-mind of your spirit that you are thinking thoughts that are aligned with the intentions of your spirit and your preferences of desires in this physical life.

Whenever you think a thought, and you feel fear, anxiety, doubt, worry, separative, etc. you are literally being told by the higher-mind of your spirit that you are thinking thoughts that are not aligned with the intentions of your spirit; thoughts that are not aligned with the preferences of desires that you have decided upon in this physical life.

The higher-mind of your spirit is always attempting to guide you to the most joyous of experiences. Your feelings, and your emotions, are literally inner-guidance from the spirit that you are which is one with the Creator. Your feelings, and your emotions are guidance from the God that you are.

The higher-mind of your spirit will never attempt to force you into anything. You are allowed to do whatever; even if that means you create a world of imprisonment. The feelings that stem from fear are like warning signals from your higher-mind that you are thinking a thought that is out of alignment with what you truly prefer.

Your identification with your third-dimensional body as only being the third-dimensional body of physicality is a form of prison that you can choose to create for yourself. This is what some can call third-dimensional consciousness. This is because many third-dimensional thoughts contain limited concepts of one being only the body.

As you change your perception of your world, you will change the way you experience your world. You do not live in a third-dimensional body, you exist as the third-dimensional world with a dimension of time; creating four dimensions; three dimensions of space and one of time. You are a multi-dimensional spiritual being creating a finite third-dimensional world.

The higher aspect of your spirit's mind can be considered as the fifth-dimensional, and higher dimensional, aspect(s) of your being; being all of the dimensions at once. Therefore, your higher-mind holds a perspective of knowing exactly what it is and exactly how all realities work and function.

Whether it be the higher or "lower" mind; your reality is the result of what is being activated in your mind. Your mind is, as we have said before, the activating agent of spirit. However, if you mind chooses, it can activate that which is opposite of spirit, that which you can call fear; fear is the so-called opposite of unconditional love.

Having thoughts in which you understand that your consciousness that is multi-dimensional, that your consciousness is not bound to space and time, that your consciousness is a transcender of space and time, has been called as having a broader perspective, a higher perspective, an enlightened perspective or a fifth-dimensional perspective.

The higher-mind of your spirit does not go in and out of knowing who and what it is. The higher-mind of your spirit is this broader perspective and so much more. Therefore, whenever you have any thought that is not fully aligned with the perspective that your higher-mind knows, you will feel a state of being that is out of alignment with love; a state aligned with fear.

As you identify so closely with your body, you think that you are not everything and you are separated from everything; including your source and the rest of your world. This, by the power of beliefs you create from this thinking, creates a perception of separation that is fertile ground for fear; creating a world of pain and suffering (i.e., the 3D world).

When you are focused upon beliefs that are of pure love (i.e., purely aligned with your source) you feel wonderful and you are attracting/creating a world full of symbols that are representative of that vibration. When you are focused upon beliefs that are of fear, you are then creating a world full of symbols that are representative of that vibration.

You, if you will allow it, can have access to the resources of information that your higher-mind is and has. The access to your higher-mind is actually always there. Whenever you are feeling excitement, joy, passion, peace, etc. you are being told by your higher-mind that what you are thinking is harmonious with creating the life that you prefer.

The higher/highest vibrational aspect of you spiritual non-physical mind is the vibration of creativity, excitement, joy, passion, peace, etc. Whenever you are feeling these feelings, you are inspirited. Whenever you are feeling fearful emotions such as anxiety, doubt, fatigue, worry, etc. you have been "dis-"spirited.

The Infinite Creator is not the author of fear; the negative fear-based ego is. The negative ego is your creation, and therefore, you must choose a difference in focus if you are ever to stop perceiving through its vibrational eyes of fearful death. Your higher mind knows only of eternal life. Your higher mind will never use fear to motivate you towards action.

Your physical reality is an out-picturing of your mind/psyche. Your physical reality is actually quite flat. Much like a movie that projects films on a filmstrip, your consciousness is projecting many billions of third-dimensional pictures (i.e., realities) every second. All of these realities are created by your state of being.

The state of being that you create for yourself in the present moment is the most powerful moment because it is there is only one moment; right now. There is no such thing as anywhere else but here. There is no such thing as any other time but right now. Everything is here and now. All universes, all realities, all people, all places, all things, are here and now.

You are truly a being with no needs. In your higher vibrational states, when you are in pure joy, you require nothing; not even water, sleep or food. Physically speaking, you have the power to evolve into a Breatharian. You are not required to consume food unless you are operating from belief systems of need, lack and in-completion of the self.

As a spiritual being, in this life, what is it that you truly need? The focus of need is always one of lack. Therefore, let us quickly tell you, you have no needs. Before continuing, please know, if you will, it takes a true shift in focus to let go of some of the following needs. Simply, this a do not try this at home focused session (i.e., message).

Your need for air has been proven illusionary. For there are those who live on the light source energy that is contained within the air; that which has been called love, light or prana. Your need for water, sleep and foods, clearly, has been proven, by some those which call a Breatharian, as only a habit; not a need. All habits comes from a chosen focus.

Your need for food is purely spiritual/psychological. When we speak of psychological, we mean spiritual which is the mind/mental. Did you know that your word psych can mean, in your greek language, the breath, the spirit, the soul and the mind. You desire for the consumption of the many foods that you consume comes from a focus that is discordant within.

The food that many of you consume, out a feeling of need, is drawn to you and you to it because you focus upon thoughts that define you as incomplete. For did you know, that is all a belief is. Beliefs are thoughts you think over and over. Beliefs are thoughts that define you and your relationship to the world that you may think you are in. You are not in a world, you are the world.

Your beliefs based in feelings of fear, in-completion, and guilt, play out in ways in which you act out. You, if you feel any of these emotions of fear, lack and guilt, according to your unique perception of food, will consume foods that are harmonious with the emotions that generate fear, lack, and guilt within you.

For you see, even food is not what you think. All of your food is merely consciousness. That is truly the only one ingredient within your food. As you consume food, you think you are consuming something other than yourself. However, you are only ever consuming the feeling that the food is giving. In general, for many of you, if you truly felt complete, your desire for certain food would fade.

Consuming food is not a need. However, for those who do truly believe it is a need, they need it. For whatever belief you focus upon, sets a vibrational tone within you that allows you to perceive yourself in a world that is of that vibration. Living as a Breatharian, is as simple as vibrating at high levels of joy and peace, believing that your Source, the Source that you are one with, is and always will, sustain you.

Shelter is a need? Well, are you not sheltered by your planet? Have you gone mad enough to believe that you need to cut down some of the planet, in order to live within it; within that which you call a structure? Let the heavens of your earth be your roof and the ground be your bed. Surely, if you had a bed as firm and resonate as the ground, you would be much more natural. You do not need a building to live.

What else must you need then? Relationships? Do you not know who you are? Is that not enough? The only relationship you need is that which you are, and if you are everything, you can bond with anything and you will have a relationship; even if it be with the air or a rock. Everything will always be here, you have much of the one to choose from to form a relationship.

All relationships are for creative expression. Are you not simply able to express your appreciation for all of creation? Are you not simply able to sit in perfect, calm, silent perfection? Be still, for that is what you truly are, stillness. Therefore, what are you needs? If you are to shift your focus fully "away" from this physical life, that which you call the death process, you will still be. So what do you really need?

If needs were true, then the only thing we see you need do is understand how your focus creates your experience of reality. Many of you are now claiming that your thoughts create your reality, that your beliefs create your reality, etc. However, are you truly creating that which already exist? For everything that will ever be is already here. Expressing itself in an infinite number of ways.

The expansion of the universe, the expansion of the multiverse, the expression of creation, is not an expression of itself, only an expression of how the self sees the self. Your thoughts and your beliefs, in a sense, are creating your reality because they are creating how you experience your reality.

It is really your focus upon a specific thought or belief that focuses you "somewhere else". There is only here and now. As you shift your focus upon beliefs that are not truly aligned with who you prefer to be, you experience a world that supports that which is not truly aligned with who you prefer to be.

Heaven on Earth is a true place of pure beauty, pure joy and perfect peace; a physical vibrational atmosphere of no pain and suffering. As you shift your focus upon beliefs that are truly aligned with who you prefer to be, you experience a world that supports who you prefer to be. You can experience heaven right now, if you shift your focus to that vibration.

You never change your thoughts because you are never the same you as you may think; you shift your focus and you shift to another version of the physical you illusional world that you are pretending and amazing yourself to be. It is all about being. Who, what and how are you focusing your being.

You are not a spiritual being within the body; you are a spiritual being living as the physical world; including your body. All of the life you see, is within your consciousness, as an expression of your consciousness. Therefore, if you need anything for your body, the consciousness that you are can just make it up. You are more magical than a magician. You are one with Creator.

Not every specific thing you believe in through your language and mental way of thinking may manifests exactly in the way you think or believe it will. You manifest the vibration of focus that your beliefs create. You manifest the vibration of the focus that any particular set of beliefs within you are creating.

The belief in somethings may never go as seen, but surely, the belief you have in somethings has a vibrational tone that will create a focus for you in your physical life; creating an experience for you in your physical life; because you are your physical life. Those of you who say you manifest your beliefs, you do and you do not. For your beliefs can be thin and wide and quite contradictory.

Transmute your focus towards one of abundance instead of one in lack. Lack creates need. Abundance is simply knowing your being is always supplied with that which it needs to be. You are always abundant because you have what you need to be the being you are. Whether it be physical or non-physical, you will always have what you need, in order to just be.

Your barter systems, are deeply rooted in a focus of lack that keeps you in a world full of lack. Just like your love, you feel that in order for you to give out anything, you must physically see and interpret something being given back. If you truly believe you are everyone and everything? Why would need request money in order to give that which your other-self is asking for?

Every time you give anything, whether be a word, whether it be a look, whether it be a gift, whether it be anything, you are giving self to self. Therefore, you can never give anything without receiving. If you are not joyously giving at all times of giving, you are not truly giving the true gift of God. That which you give is best given upon foundations of joy and peace. To give is to receive.

You will always have abundance because you always have exactly what you need. All you need is self. All that you see is self. So when you see anything in your midst, you see abundance. In a atmosphere such as yourself, how could you see that which seems like lack? You can truly only see abundance, and therefore, you have no needs.

You will, if you will, soon realize how empowering it is to live a life with the focus of true abundance; a focus without needs. For when you say you need something, you denounce your true position as the Infinite Creator that you are. If you will, let go of needs and you will see that you are more powerful beyond your imagination.

You first think, then you feel, and then you act; all of this acts as the one thing that creates your world(s). The actions that you take are how you finalize your thought and feeling processes in physical reality. The idea of needing will always produce more neediness. When you take actions based from need, you will always need more. The same goes for the opposite of that.

When you take actions that are away from what you think you need and towards what you feel is an expression of you highest joy, you will bring about less of a reality that symbolizes your lack-based neediness, and more of a reality that symbolizes your true abundant nature.

Live abundantly without needs. You could never need that which you already have; you have it all because you are it all. Once you know this, and once you truly begin to understand that physical reality is what you believe it to be, you will have no fear. You will understand yourself as the phrase: Be Still & Know That I Am God.

Words do not teach. Only life experience teaches. Therefore, at this moment, we choose not say anything more about your thoughts, besides the fact that you are what you think, you see what you feel and you act what you believe. You can, and will, take charge of your life if you take charge of your thoughts and feelings.

By doing your best to focus on joy, you will create more of it in your life. The world, your world, is a picture of how much joy you have allowed yourself to experience. Whenever you are moving towards joy and peace, you are moving towards your true self. You true self is the only self worth living. This is our point of view.

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